Who’s the messy pup?

I live in a block of single room flats in China. I really like my room, it’s spacious, has a nice hard bed, a TV with hundreds of channels and even a squat toilet. But recently, I’ve had an issue with my accommodation. It’s not the fact that there’s no drain in the bathroom (and hence nowhere for the water to flow away to when showering), no I’m already used to the daily 10 minutes mopping. It’s my messy neighbours.

Every three days or so, when I leave in the morning, on one of the floors in the corridor, I’ll find a puddle of urine, or some poo on the floor. The first time I saw it, I assumed it was a dog, I mean when something poos on the floor it’s usually a dog right?* But now I’m not too sure that it is a dog after all. Let’s look at the facts.

  • I’ve never seen or heard a dog inside my building, sure there are plenty outside, but none inside
  • It never really smells like dog poo (you know how dog poo has a very distinctive, nasty smell)
  • I’ve found it on floors 2, 3 and 4
  • On the second floor, there lives a grandma who looks after her 2 yr old grandson

Suspect number two.

Not the grandma [chuckle].

The scene of the crime


But what, the child?? How could a child wee and poo in the corridors?  Doesn’t he wear nappies? Well I suspect him because in China, babies and infants wear trousers that have a big split in the middle, precisely for making toilet business easier… and he’s always wearing them. I don’t know how long it would take to squat toilet train a child, so I guess just doing his business wherever is much easier than even trying to use the toilet.

So I’m still confused, is it a mysterious dog, or is it in fact the child who is defecating in my building each morning? Are there any suspects I haven’t thought of? Who do you think did it?

Either way, whoever is responsible takes a very long time to clean it up, usually a day and a half, which is not acceptable because it’s a health hazard, surely! I guess the moral of this story is to always look where you’re stepping, even inside.

*LOL this is China


One thought on “Who’s the messy pup?

  1. I can very well be the child, and even maybe with the cooperation of the grandma, holding him to poo and pee there (you know, like when they hold babies over trash cans…). Go and ask her!! 😀

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