Lady Di, Lady Diana, Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, however you know her, she is most certainly a well-known world figure. Maybe the younger generation don’t know much about her legacy, but she remains to be an important figure in British history.

I never really knew how much of an impact on the world Diana had until recently. I was waiting on a train platform, and two middle aged women were standing nearby, when I told them I was English, the first thing they mentioned was Lady Diana. They said how much they adored her beauty, charm and grace. It was interesting for me, because I’ve never heard anyone talk about Diana in China. Sure, people ask me how British people view the Queen and the royals, but never has anybody talked to me about Diana.

She then continued to ask me about Camilla, because she ‘can’t stand’ Camilla and said that anybody who liked Diana will surely take a natural disliking to Camilla. And Kate…Kate is nice, but not as nice as Diana, and Kate is too skinny.

Also, there is a waxwork figure of Diana in the Madame Tussauds museum in Shanghai. DSCN7813

When I was in Chile a few years ago, I met another big Diana fan, she said when Diana died, she cried for three days straight, so I asked the Chinese ladies if they cried too, they said they were very upset, but neither confirmed nor denied crying.

I was only a small girl when Diana died, so I don’t know much about her, I remember knowing she was a royal princess, but didn’t know an awful lot about her. I remember seeing the news clips though, saying how she’d been in a bad accident and died. A few years later, some people said the Queen killed her off and it was all planned, but those documents would never be released to the public.

Now I’m older and I’ve read some more information about the work that Diana did, and some things about her personal life, but it’s hard for me to understand why she was and still is so loved by these worldwide Diana fans. I’m not denying her beauty, grace or other great attributes, it just seems odd for me that she could be so famous in countries she never visited, countries that are not former British colonies and countries that aren’t in the Commonwealth.

Maybe the British Royal Family just inherently has this type of power, concerning princesses. We see now that whenever Kate wears a dress from a high-street store, it sells out in under ten minutes. She is a fashion icon and people flood to see her when she is on royal visits.

But why hasn’t Camilla attracted the same attention and praise as Diana or Kate? Is it because this is her second marriage, do people blame her for Charles and Diana’s divorce, is she too old to fit the public’s image of a ‘princess’? There are so many questions I have, but I think whoever I ask will tell me a different answer.


One thought on “Diana

  1. I was 13 when Lady Di died. I remember it was a big shock. I think she was famous everywhere because tv news always reported her charity trips and she also appeared on magazines all the time.

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