Olympic Dreams

Without really realising, I’ve always liked a lot of sports. I remember Saturday morning spent at Ernesford Grange sports centre, where I’d go swimming 9-10am, trampolining (with wet hair) 10-11am and then badminton 11-12pm. In primary school I played football and did cross-country running. Then in year 7 I joined pretty much all the sports teams: athletics, swimming, netball, rounders, basketball and I even went to 8am fitness classes with a couple of other guys before school at 8.50am.

But I never really specialised in any sport until I was a lot older. I was always good at swimming, being labelled a ‘water baby’ by my swimming teacher. But after I got my gold award aged 9, I stopped swimming. Sure, people had told me about joining ‘the squad’, but I’d also heard rumours about 5am swims before school and I wasn’t ready for that.

When I finally decided I wanted to swim, I was 14, my inspirational PE teacher Mr Burder, who was (and I hope still is!) a triathlete got me a trial with City of Coventry Swimming Club (COCSC) and I got in! I started just by swimming casual lessons on Friday evenings, but then I was later spotted by another coach, who bumped me up into the proper squad, where there were more training sessions and the chance to compete in races. It was great, I loved the training and my closest friends are still the swimmers from COCSC. When it came to racing, I was already in the oldest age category (14+). I saw younger swimmers who were incredible and wondered why it had taken me so long to start swimming.

Anyway, after quitting swimming, I have taken part in other competitions and tried new sports, but I always feel like I’ve left things too late.

With the Olympic rings behind me in 2008 Olympic sailing city Qingdao

Recently, two of my friends have been selected to represent Team GB at international triathlon events, I know an Olympic gymnast from school and a girl from my Spanish class is a champion jiu jitsu-er. I know a Team GB canoeist too. I used to think top athletes were on a totally different level from ‘average people’, but from my friends’ experiences, I can see that maybe it’s not that hard after all.

At university, I only started triathlon in my final year, and I know if I started it in my first year, maybe it could have been me in blue, red and white too.

I dreamt the other night that I was swimming and after the session, I asked the coach how I did. He said I’m one of the best swimmers this city has seen, but I’ll never make the Olympics, I’m too old. It was devastating to wake up from that dream.

Although I’d love to be in the Olympics, I think I like variation too much. I can’t concentrate on just one sport, even multi-sport events like triathlon…I’m always doing something else on the side to switch it up. Maybe I’ll never be a black belt in taekwondo, or maybe I’ll never specialise in one given sport, but I think I’m ok knowing I won’t be in the Olympics any time soon (it’s too late for Rio, and I don’t want to go to Japan). But dreaming about my failed Olympic dream sparked a whole range of emotions about my sporting life so far…


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