The Towel

There’s one dilemma that will always exist when you go travelling…the towel.

Whenever I take a towel away with me, I know I’ll have to take a shower before I go to bed rather in the morning, to give it time to dry properly. Because if it’s damp it will make everything inside my bag damp and smelly. This is the start of one of the towel dilemmas…

So I pack my bag the night before I leave and the towel is left hanging out to dry. I close my bag, happy that everything’s fit in, then I turn around and say “oh, I forgot about my towel!”.

Towels take up a lot of room when you’re packing, and it’s not like socks that you can just squeeze into the corners, you need a whole two inch flat layer of space to fit that thing in. So when you think you’ve packed everything and then realise you still have the towel to squeeze in, it’s a nightmare!

But then if you decide not to take a towel, you can’t be sure of the quality of the towel in the hotel you’re staying (or if they’ll even have towels at all). Especially in China, even ‘4 star’ hotels provide towels that are scratchy and thin like cardboard, rather than the fluffy towels from home. And even though their texture is probably due to being washed at 100 degrees, you still don’t know how many people have used them before.

So what do you do? Take your own towel and have it take up space in your bag and restrict you from having a shower in the morning,or take a gamble, not take a towel and pray for decent towels in the hotel?


4 thoughts on “The Towel

  1. I only take a towel if I’m staying in a hostel. Have you tried the microfibre towels from Decathlon? They take less space than normal towels and dry faster!

  2. I do the same thing as Marta – take a microfibre travel towel when I know that I will be staying in hostels. They’re great. You can find them in most sports/outdoor stores.

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