Oi oi – Harrassment

I’ve been sporty for a quite a few years now and I’d never really been heckled, harrassed, taunted etc whilst playing sports until a week or so ago. Sure in China I was stared at and people took photos of me when I was running because I would run on the roads, rather than just on the track but there was never any malice from anyone.

A couple of weeks ago, I went out cycling with the Warwickshire Ladies Cycling Club and their pink cycling jerseys attracted a bit of attention when cycling on some of the roads around Binley. (I say it was the pink jerseys, but it could have been anything).

We got shouted at twice, once was “Oi oi sexy!” from some young lads in a polo and the second was a long and slow “Ohhhh myyyy Godddd”, as the car slowed down and drove past us, several men peered their heads out of the window to stare at us.

It’s just ridiculous how this happens and I asked the women if it happened regularly, one lady said not usually, but it is something that happens. Then I asked one of my male cyclist friends if he ever receives any similar treatment, he says he gets shouted and beeped at, but nobody ever calls him sexy which is something only women seem subject to.

Nobody’s ever shouted at me when I’ve been out cycling or running on my own (only when in a group), but I have heard stories from (female) friends who have either been told to ‘run faster’ or ‘get a move on’ or have been complimented on their ‘nice legs’. And this is harrassment. There’s no doubt about it.

No wonder there’s so few women out on the roads. No wonder it’s so hard for me to buy a women’s cycling jersey in sports shops. No wonder there’s just a ‘Women’s bikes’ section with 8 bikes for sale, compared to ‘Mens Hybrid bikes’, ‘Mens Road bikes’, ‘Mens Mountain bikes’ sections which have 8 bikes each.

Sure there are plenty of groups, clubs and rides specifically for women, but at the same time, I’m sure with a quick search on google, I could find sites and forums that either troll female cyclists for their cycling abilities and/or fetishize female cyclists for their bodies. Let’s just look at this.

Pretty different, don’t you think? Male cyclists are associated with Olympics, winning and medals, whereas the female cyclists and associated with death, disqualification, mistakes and their bodies. (I wonder why ‘presents for female cyclists’ came up and what presents are suggested)

Cyclists in general do get a lot of abuse from motorists on the road, regardless of gender, that is definitely true and should not be ignored, but I feel it is women who are more vulnerable to gender-based abuse and harrassment. It’s the same for female motorists, who have a lot of stick for ‘bad driving’, right? Road users should respect each other, no matter which vehicle they’re using and no matter what their gender is. Let’s stop harrassing each other.


2 thoughts on “Oi oi – Harrassment

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve had a few similar experiences myself.

    I got really addicted to cycling last year. I spent a lot of time adventuring around the place on my road bike, often on my own. I feel like I copped more unwanted attention when I was out on my own than when I was riding with men. Maybe it didn’t happen any more often, but it just affected me more when I was out on a solo mission.

    On a good day, I’d get a ‘YOU GO GIRL” which helped me make it up steep hills.

    On a bad day I’d get wolf whistles, sometimes angry calls to get off the road, sometimes strings of insults that would make a sailor proud. I’d go from feeling really fit and independent, to feeling really vulnerable, especially on bigger rides when I was a long way from home.

    I’ve also grown up playing a lot of team sports. During my teens I just became used to ignoring the comments that inevitably got thrown at my female hockey teams/soccer teams/baseball teams whenever went running together. That became normal to me. It seems to be another factor that discourages girl from getting involved and staying involved in sport.

    I’ll end my rant here. I hope you and everyone else in your club have an awesome ride next time.

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