Stop the sirens…

and the horns, the screeching of tyres, the sound of engines revving and all the other sound effects that appear in songs on the radio when I’m driving.

I got my license a few years ago, but only started properly driving a few weeks ago. Obviously there is a big difference between driving with an instructor in the car and driving on your own. Your driving style changes, you use the handbrake less and can listen to music too, which affects the way you drive.

I listen to the radio usually, and I have come to the conclusion that the ‘radio edits’ of songs with swear words replaced for younger listeners, are still not 100% suitable for playing on the radio.

There are lots of songs that have sound effects that sound incredibly similar to ambulance sirens, so when I hear this on the radio whilst driving, I become more alert, slow down and check my mirrors to see where the sound is coming from. As I’m the only one on the road who can hear this sound (unless people are listening to the same radio station as me), me slowing down unexpectedly is a danger to myself and other road users. When I realise it was just a song, I can drive normally again, but these sirens reappear in songs that are played on the radio.

Take this DJ Khaled song, if you listen from 1.50 you will hear the sirens that go off twice, don’t you think this is dangerous for drivers?

This is just one example of a song where it happens…there are other songs where the radio edits contain sound effects of screeching cars, gunshots, engines revving aggressively, car horns and sirens. When you hear these, it is an indicator of danger, although there is actually no danger present.

I think there needs to be a review of these ‘radio edits’ and sound effects like those mentioned should only be in the music videos, they don’t add much to the song, so can be omitted from the radio version, to make it safer for drivers.



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