Two Straws

I went to a bar a few weeks ago and ordered a coke. The waiter put two straws in my glass, and I asked him if it was company policy to put two straws in my drink, he replied that yes, it was what he was told to do.

I said that two straws are unnecessary, so he said he’d throw one away if I wanted to, but that just proved my point even more, that the second straw was unnecessary and would just end up in the bin.

I have a few friends on Facebook who live in Singapore and Thailand. These few friends are very enthusiastic and passionate about the ocean and are almost always sharing posts, photos and articles about saving marine life and the seas. I have seen many campaigns about clearing up and not polluting the oceans, such as The Last Plastic Straw, The Seabin Project, The Ocean Cleanup and others which are dedicated to clearing up our beaches and oceans, as well as saving and protecting the animals that live there.

There is loads of information on the internet about straws ending up in the ocean, and although I don’t understand how the straws I use would end up in the ocean, it is still something I would not like to contribute to. So when the bartender gave me two straws, I wasn’t too pleased.

I’ve worked in a nightclub before, and we didn’t give out straws as standard. Straws were on or behind the bar for customers to take, but I would hate to imagine how much waste and rubbish would have been made if we had to give out just one straw with each vodka coke, let alone two!

What is the second straw even for? Sharing with a friend? Drinking twice as fast? Stirring? A second straw doesn’t have any useful benefits as far as I can see, so next time I am given two straws, I will ask why and try to stop them putting two straws in my drink before they do so.



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