On this page I will write quotes from people who I meet on my travels, be them strange, funny or interesting.

  • “You have a tranquil body, but a restless mind.”
  • “You’ll never get a boyfriend if you don’t drink [alcohol] at dinner time, especially not a Spanish one.”
  • “Let’s raise a toast…..to a SPANISH Gibraltar!”
  • “I think a good way of life is to live off your parents until your children can support you.”
  • “Heatwave? I’ve had warmer yoghurts.”
  • “There was a power cut on the whole island, we’re worse off than Zimbabwe.”
  • “You’re not sleeping the siesta today? No way!! You’re falling into bad habits.”
  • “You say you can’t speak Spanish…but you know how to say Spanish names.”
  • “This letter came for you, Prince Harry hand delivered it, he didn’t stop for tea.”
  • “Early this morning the last ape of Gibraltar died.”
  • “The Americans control everything on this planet, even the weather.”
  • “The only thing I want from England is Gibraltar.”
  • “Whatsapp is an illness.”
  • “He’s allergic to the weather.”
  • “We think that chilli adds spice and spices add flavour. But some people think spices are spicy.”
  • “There’s no traffic (in India) after 11pm, so no need for traffic lights. That’s why they’re all on orange.”
  • “Putin is awesome!”
  • “This chilli for me is like eating plain salad.”
  • “Come to my room after twelve and you’ll see why my nickname is qutab manaj.”
  • “This is your house? It looks like a concentration camp.”
  • “If English is your mother language, how many years have you been studying it for?”

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